While Star Wars will continue to be the main focus of Memoirs, I'd like to branch out into other genres of sci-fi in both movies and television. Below are some of my favorite movies.

          The best movies ever created! Hands down. Not to mention the best franchise!

   The second best franchise ever created!

Firefly was great, albeit short lived. It had such a massive cult following that Serenity, a feature film continuation of the series was created! Browncoats unite!

A great movie with a powerful Biblical message! A new favorite!
Some of my favorite books and favorite movies. I can't wait for the last two movies that depict Harry's final adventures.

Incorporating themse from dramas, criminal thrillers and science fiction, Inception is a rarety of cinema; a near perfect film.  

The best film Pixar has to offer is a true tear jerker, and one that will leave you both smiling and cherishing every moment by its end.

And many, many more!

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