In addition to random articles focusing on my favorite movies, tv shows and franchises, the following list contains all the ongoing segments that make up Memoirs.

Expanded Universe Gems: This segment focuses on Star Wars material outside the movies, such as novels, video games and comics, that are shining examples of why I love Star Wars.

Highlighted Song: Every so often I'll come upon a song that will simply get stuck in my head, and since I know you're just dying to understand more about the inner-workings of my mind, I post the song on Memoirs.

Countdown: A list of my favorite movies, heroes, villains, books, video games etc...

Video Game Review: While these are few and far between, they're not unheard of. I've been known to take a crack at a video game here and there.

Book Review: These will almost always be exclusive to Star Wars novels, and will most likely feature recent titles.

Roundup: A collection of recent news regarding anything from new movies and television shows and the latest happenings in the Fanboy world.

Quick Reviews: A lineup of movie reviews from old and new films, to theater and DVD reviews.

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