I've watched, and become addicted, to plenty of TV shows, so it shouldn't come as a surprise to you that I have a list of my favorites, none of which, I can proudly say are crime or medical dramas.

     I've always enjoyed the Terminator movies, along with the former series, TSCC.

Though it's never returned to the perfection of its first season, I still continue to follow Heroes, hoping that one day, it'll return to its roots. (And ditch Gretchen.)

Chuck! My latest interest, and one that always delivers a genuine laugh for me with each episode.

Futurama is hysterical, hands down the best cartoon-comedy ever created! If you don't agree you can take Bender's catchphrase and refer it to yourself. It's also returning to television after several years off the air.

While many fans of the Star Wars movies detest The Clone Wars, I for one, being an extreme over-the-top fanboy, love it!

Compared with the likes of The Next Generation, Voyager is one of the reasons why Star Trek is still very dear to my heart.

Since it's cancellation, Firefly has become a cult classic, spawning the feature film Serenity and a hilarious Nathan Fillion Halloween spoof.

Avatar: The Last Airbender was my sole favorite animated show. It's balance of comedy, action, drama and it's epic sotryline left it's mark as one of the greatest animated shows of its time.

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