Saturday, February 13, 2010

Weekly Update (Week 5)

One of the many influences used in The Clone Wars are the original conceptional drawings for the Star Wars movies, created by the brilliant Ralph McQuarrie. In this image, one of his original drawings for a Coruscant plaza is finally visualized. Taken from The Clone Wars: Duchess of Mandalore.

Trivia: Which newly christened Sith Lord killed Jedi Padawan, Whie Malreaux, during Operation Knightfall?

Quote: "Overwhelming odds, tough target, scant chance of survival- business as usual for Rouge Squadron."- Corran Horn, X-Wing: Rouge Squadron.

News: Karen Traviss recently spoke with about her departure from writing Star Wars. In the interview she sheds some light on her reasons for leaving and speculates that her formerly forthcoming Boba Fett novel was cancelled due to conflict with the upcoming Live-Action show.

Answers: The answer to last week's trivia question is, C. Coronet.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Weekly Update (Week 4)

In a rare moment, Galen Marek (Starkiller) strikes Darth Vader, sending his helmet hurtling from his face. Taken from The Force Unleashed.
Trivia: What is the capital of Corellia? A. Corellia City. B. Kor Vella. C. Coronet.
Quote: "You've come to the right place for a burial."- Montross, Star Wars Bounty Hunter.
News: Star Wars continues to crush the competition as the highest grossing toy property of 2009 accumulating over $408 million in the United States alone!
Answers: The answer to last weeks trivia question is, B. Baccara. Both other characters have appeared in TCW with Thire being showcased in Ambush (#1) and Bly in both Jedi Crash (#13) and Defenders of Peace (#14).
Last week's quote is from Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II. Upon taking the non canon Dark Side path, the spirit of Qu Rahn can be heard uttering this.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Expanded Universe Gems

In this first installment of EU gems, a new section were I will highlight my favorite Expanded Universe material, I'll be covering one of my favorite EU supplement guides, 'The Wildlife of Star Wars: A Field Guide'.

Published in 2001 and written by Terryl Whitlatch and Bob Carrau, this hardcover comes in at 175 pages with not a single page lacking wonderful full colored illustrations of countless creatures from both the Star Wars movies, and Expanded Universe. A welcome touch is that 'Wildlife' is written from an in-universe perspective, meaning that it's as if the author is actually a denizen and observer of that galaxy far far away...

'Wildlife' features everything from cute creatures like Voorpaks and Blarths to some of the nastiest predators such as the massive Sando Aqua Monster of Naboo and the giant Gorax of Endor. It also showcases some great examples of what typical life is like in Star Wars, with both a pet shop and circus being seen.

With over 9 planets of bizarre animals, Wildlife is a fantastic addition to any Star Wars fan's collection, making it an EU gem!

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