Friday, February 5, 2010

Weekly Update (Week 4)

In a rare moment, Galen Marek (Starkiller) strikes Darth Vader, sending his helmet hurtling from his face. Taken from The Force Unleashed.
Trivia: What is the capital of Corellia? A. Corellia City. B. Kor Vella. C. Coronet.
Quote: "You've come to the right place for a burial."- Montross, Star Wars Bounty Hunter.
News: Star Wars continues to crush the competition as the highest grossing toy property of 2009 accumulating over $408 million in the United States alone!
Answers: The answer to last weeks trivia question is, B. Baccara. Both other characters have appeared in TCW with Thire being showcased in Ambush (#1) and Bly in both Jedi Crash (#13) and Defenders of Peace (#14).
Last week's quote is from Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II. Upon taking the non canon Dark Side path, the spirit of Qu Rahn can be heard uttering this.

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  1. Dang $408 Million..... Thats a lot! For the trivia I'm going to go with C


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