Thursday, July 22, 2010

Avatar Sequel Confirmed!

Nickelodeon now has a press release for the rumored Avatar: The Last Airbender continuation. The sequel, Avatar: The Legend of Korra, takes place 70 years after The Last Airbender, and follows the exploits of Korra, an Avatar native to the Southern Water Tribe. According to the press release, by the start of the show Korra will have already mastered three of the four elements (water, earth and fire). When Korra endeavors to master the final element, air, she travels to the heart of the 'modern Avatar world', Republic City. The steampunk/industrial city is plagued by crime and also sports a growing non-bending revolution.

The release goes on to say that Korra's Airbending master will be Aang's son Tenzin. The press release also hints at the possibility of flashbacks to the characters from The Last Airbender. Finally, we can wrest assured that the show will be in good hands; those of the original creators of The Last Airbender, Michael DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko.

I'm so excited about this! As I've said previously, Avatar was one of my favorite shows. It had action, drama, character development and an incredible ambiance that simply sucked me in.

Korra sounds like an awesome continuation of The Last Airbender and is slated for a 2011 premiere.



  1. The legend of Korra meets Aang's son Tenzin. Is Korra green? Maybe Tenzin will make Korra his slave girl...

  2. Unfortunately, no. However if Orion Slaves existed, the galaxy would be a better place...


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