Monday, May 16, 2011

Napoleon Dynamite Heads To The Small Screen!

I don't even know how to react to this one. I'm a fan of the original Napolean Dynamite movie that came out in 2003, but this... I don't know what to make of this.

The movie in itself was idiocy coupled with stupidity all wrapped up with a nice wallop of downright bizarre.But, (and that's a big but) it was very original. I get the feeling that creating a series, an ongoing week-after-week dose of Napolean, will quickly kill off the originality the show's predecessor oozed of.

With that said, I'm looking forward to seeing more of the series. Hopefully it'll prove me wrong and surmount to a few good laughs.

 One interesting tidbit is that all the cast members from the film will be reprising their roles in the series. That should help to bring in viewers and keep to the sense that the show really is a continuation of the film.

Napolean Dynamite will be airing on FOX in the summer of 2012. Check out the trailer below.


  1. What.

    That is the only way I can react to this. A flat "what."

    This is not something I ever considered the possibility of. I wonder how/ why this was pitched:

    "We need a new show. What movies were popular within the last ten years?"


    "No, continuing 'Firefly' would make too much sense. No one would watch it. We need to really shock people into seeing this. What movie was popular and no one would ever expect a continuation of?"

    "I know just the thing..."

  2. Ok... I didn't watch the trailer yet but this is really weird especially since it's a cartoon!

  3. Yes, Firefly would have been awesome! :P

    I never really would have expected them to make a cartoon of Napoleon either. Very peculiar.

  4. I am totally with you when you point out that the ORIGINALITY of the film is what made it so spectacular. Doing the same stuff over and over makes it UNORIGINAL. I will probably pass. Even though I think ND was one of the greatest movies ever.

  5. Whew. That is interesting... lol I like Napoleon Dynamite. :D Such an hilarious movie. x)
    Hey! I noticed you like Julian Smith? I love him! Would you believe me if I said that he commented on my video one time? No joke. I re-did Malk and called it Koake. (coke) :P
    Have you ever heard of Dr. Who?
    Just one fellow geek asking another. :D Neat blog! :D
    Elisa :)

  6. @Elisa-That's so crazy that he commented on one of your videos!

    And yes, I've heard of Doctor Who! What geek hasn't? ;)

  7. Yessssssss. :D Dr. Who is epic. lol Seen EVERY episode..At least once. xD
    How about...Stargate? ;) Sorry...I can be such a nerd sometimes..I own all the seasons. xD hehe

  8. You know, I remember watching the first Stargate movie, but I never did watch any of the series. I've heard that they're really good though. Didn't the last one just go off the air?

    Oh and no need to apologize, we're all geeks here! Proud geeks! :D

  9. The movie was not NEARLY as good.. The series are ten times better. Stargate SG-1 is the best. Starate Universe n the other hand...Yecky. :P Universe is kind of... Dirtier than SG-1. SG-1 is corny, but better. :D
    Woohoo for geeks! You wouldn't beeelieve the amount times I've been made fun of for it. lol Not that they mean to be mean.. haha x)

  10. Never let anyone get you down! It can be hard at times when people, especially ones influential in your life, tease or make fun of you and your interests, but the important thing is to never allow them to doubt yourself, or to change you in a negative fashion. Like I said, 'Proud geeks!'


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