Friday, December 18, 2009

The Jedi Exile Revealed!

The Expanded Universe is populated with many characters that have engrossed fans. From the brilliant Grand Admiral Thrawn to the rouge Jedi Quinlan Vos. Some of the most notable examples are those of customizable characters featured in video games, as is the case with characters such as Kyle Katarn and Darth Revan.

With the two Knights Of The Old Republic titles, players are given the choice of determining the character's name, gender, profession, light side-dark side alignment and appearance. The main character from the first title, Darth Revan has been slightly fleshed out, with a back story developed primarily through source books and the KOTOR comic series. Revan has also been given a canonical gender of male; something we see often in the Star Wars EU with both Jaden Korr and Revan being identified as such.
Recently a large amount of details have been revealed about the Jedi Exile, the main protagonist from the second Knights of the Old Republic game. We know from previous sources that the Jedi Exile is canonically female. Thanks to the Star Wars Miniature game, the Jedi Academy booster pack to be precise, we now get a look at the Exile. (Picture at top of post). In addition, the miniature has red-brown hair, wields a cyan hued lightsaber and is wearing a typical Jedi robe with a white tunic.
Though the picture found on the Exile's card doesn't appear to share a resemblance with any of the female portraits available on Knights of the Old Republic II, It's still nice to have a basis for the character's appearance.
Not to mention the fact that somebody out there is bound to create a computer for the game
that looks like the miniature!

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