Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dromund Kaas In The Old Republic

I must admit, when I first learned that the ever popular Knights of the Old Republic video games would be continued in the form of an MMO, I was not very enthusiastic. Seeing how the previous Star Wars MMO (Galaxies) was handled, I didn't have very high hopes, but as more and more information and material is revealed, including a wonderfully visualized trailer, I find myself anticipating this title's release more and more.

One of the aspects that has caught my interest is the variety of Expanded Universe planets that will be featured in the game. Among the previously revealed locales are Nal Hutta (called Hutta here) from the Dark Horse classic, Dark Empire, along with Balmorra from the sequel to Dark Empire, Dark Empire II. Joining into the fray with its first visual appearance in Star Wars is the planet Tython, which was first mentioned in the classic Star Wars RTS, Rebellion.

Both Korribon and Ord Mantell have also been confirmed along with several other planets from the films such as Coruscant and Alderaan.

The latest addition to the ever expanding list of confirmed planets is one very dear to my heart. ;) Dromund Kaas was first seen in Mysteries of the Sith, the expansion pack to what is in my opinion one of the greatest Star Wars video games ever created to date; Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight.

In MotS, you play as Mara Jade who is searching for Kyle Katarn after he mysteriously vanishes while looking for the planet Dromund Kaas. Upon reaching the jungle planet you find Kyle hidden in a Sith temple filled with many ly obstacles. I won't go any farther so as to spoil the last levels, but I will say that I did not expect Dromund Kaas to be in The Old Republic. It was quite a welcome surprise, especially after I saw that the developers would hold true to it's original design from MotS.
With this kind of addition appealing to Fanboys like myself, I must say that I've found a new interest in The Old Republic. Now if only my computer would run it...


  1. The Decieved trailer is amazing! I hope they release some more trailers soon.

  2. According to theoldrepublic.com this is the first of more to come. The question is, when and what will they be about?


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