Friday, May 14, 2010

Heroes R.I.P.

NBC has revealed their fall lineup, and among the multitude of shows that have been canceled is Heroes. I'm extremely sad to see it go. Heroes was such a great show during its first season, and its depressing to see it go in such a downward spiraling manor. Rumors were abound, before the official news of Heroes' cancellation, regarding a possible two-night Heroes movie event that would wrap up the show, however this too has been shot down.

It's possible that another network such as SyFy or TNT would pick up the show, however this is highly unlikely due to poor ratings for Heroes here in the United States.

Luckily my other favorite show, Chuck HAS been renewed. Last season fans rallied together to insure the show's survival. This season brought about no such thing. NBC renewed the show without a hitch. So thankfully I'll have something to watch on boring Monday nights.


  1. Tht's sad about "Heroes", I have friends who LOVE "Heroes". I feel kind of sorry for them when they find out.

  2. Yeah, it is disappointing. It was such a great show...


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