Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Avatar Series!

I just learned that a continuation of Avatar: The Last Airbender, the animated series from Nickelodeon is now in the works with the title, Avatar: The Legend of Korra.

I absolutely loved Avatar, so I'm extremely excited about this news! Hardly any information regarding the series has surfaced with the exception of two things of note; 1. Nickelodeon has confirmed the show's existence and states that they're hiring staff for the show. 2. Former Avatar creators Mike DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko are both involved in the series' creation.

Suffice to say, I'm ECSTATIC about this news! Even though Avatar was a children's cartoon, I found myself enthralled in it. It had an incredible feel to it; the stories were clean and well thought out and the characters were fresh and appealing. It was certainly a guilty pleasure for me. :)

You can look forward to more posts regarding Avatar: The Legend of Korra in the near future.


  1. First of all, it was NOT just a Children's cartoon. A children's cartoon is something like Spongebob, or Fairly Odd Parents, or something like that junk. Avatar was NOT (and is NOT) at ALL like that. And OHMIWORD! I can't believe it! I'm so excited--I was so bummed when it ended. NO. WAY. !!!

  2. Ha ha! I stand corrected! :)

    I was really sad when it ended too. It was such a great show...


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