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Green Lantern Guest Post!

Everyone give a warm welcome to Gina from Fantasy Casting as she provides Memoirs with its very first guest post. Be sure to stop by Fantasy Casting after you read her post. Don't forget to follow her while you're there. ;)

As you probably already know, The Green Lantern has been greenlighted (pun intended, ha.) for a film release in June 2011.

For those who don't know, unlike many other comic characters, Green Lantern has multiple alter-egos over the years. Hal Jordan is the incarnation of the Green Lantern from DC's Silver Age of comics, during the late 1950's revival and is the version that will be portrayed in this film. He is a pilot who was given the ring of power by Abin Sur.

First of all, let's start with the man of the hour; the Green Lantern himself, also known as Hal Jordan, played by none other than Mr. Ryan Reynolds.

I don't know how I feel about this. First of all, I am a female. So... there's that side of it. And in that regard, I am happy to see Ryan Reynolds do just about anything. However, he's already Deadpool, which worked out well, but let's be real: This is also Van Wilder. Can he support a whole superhero film all by his onesie? We shall see...

Before we get too far into this, I want to put out there in blogland that I think this would have been an excellent opportunity to cast a black superhero. The Green Lantern was John Stewart, a black architect for most of the 70s, and that character still makes an appearance in the books today. There are so few mainstream, headlining black heroes, why not take advantage of the opportunity, you know?
Anyway, moving on. The love interest, Carol Ferris, is being played by Blake Lively, of Gossip Girl fame. I'm skeptical. Real skeptical. According to DC legend, Ferris is a powerful female. She's Hal Jordan's boss, and is hailed as being one of the first strong female characters, emerging long before the second wave of feminism broke in the United States. This girl:
Is supposed to embody intelligent female power? OK... maybe she's a better actress than I think. I would hate to judge too unfairly; just because she's overly pretty, famous for her fashion choices, stars as a spoiled socialite on one of the most sexually-charged teen shows of all time, ranks #4 on Maxim's Hot 100 list and lists "Long Blond Hair" as her trademark on IMDb... maybe she's deeper than that. Who knows. Or, more likely, DC rewrote the character to be just a pretty face. If it's door #2, then we're set.

Hector Hammond is one of the villains for this film, and Peter Sarsgaard has been brilliantly cast for this part. Seriously, this guy always looks a liiiittle bit like he's gonna crack, any minute. I think the uber-nuts Hammond is a perfect fit.

Our second villain (because, you know, one just isn't tough enough these days) for this film is Sinestro. For you comic-book geeks out there, you'll know that Sinestro is considered one of the greatest super-villains of all time. In fact, my sources (wikipedia) tell me that he was ranked at the 15th greatest super villain ever by the people who determine the validity and awesomeness of super villains. (side note: who doesn't want that job?!?!?!) Hold your breath. They have cast Mark Strong.
Feel free to geek out. I am.

Who's excited? Other than for Blake Lively, that is. And honestly, when you look at this:

how can you not be?

Agree? Disagree? Post your thoughts in the comments.

Gina blogs over at Fantasy Casting, where she spouts her opinion about who should be cast in the film versions of books, comic books and anything else that strikes her fancy. You can contact her here.

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  1. Sinestro isn't actually the "other villain" in this movie. In the comicbooks, Sinestro starts off as a Green Lantern of another space sector who, because of his stellar record and lack of crime in his sector, is sent to mentor Hal Jordan into the Corps. Of course, we later learn that he has used his Green Lantern ring to turn his sector into a fascist dictatorship with himself at the top, and he is summarily banished to another dimension. (Politics prevents the Guardians of the Universe from killing the Korogarian Green Lantern).. Sinestro eventually starts his own "yellow lantern" corps called the Sinestro Corps after enslaving the people of the planet he was banished to.

  2. Followed you over here from LBS. I don't watch Gossip Girl, so I know Blake Lively more from Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. She was very athletic and tough there. I think she'll work as Carol Ferris. I do.

    And Ryan Reynolds? Yum. I'd see the move just for him. He's a bad boy in a silly kind of way. Hawt.

  3. Damn Dude, I just found your blog and it is cool as can be man. As for The Green Lantern...Ryan Reynolds is a bad ass. I think he is too awesome.

    Love the blog and I am a new reader


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