Sunday, September 26, 2010

Roundup: Blackwidow movie, Pick of the Week, The Hobbit, Rock Band 3

Highlighted Song: I'm really looking forward to Rock Band 3, so to share my anticipation, as a part of the Highlighted Song mini-segment, I'll be sharing some of my favorite songs that are slated to appear on the upcoming threequel's track list. Let's start with one of my favorites, good 'ol Lowrider.

Quote: From Gangs of New York:

Boss Tweed: The appearance of the law must be upheld, especially as it's being broken.

Fanboy Pick of the Week: If there's one thing that I've learned when it comes to children's movies it's this, Pixar never disappoints. With each new film, Pixar outdoes itself, creating both visual and storytelling masterpieces that captivate both young and old. One of my favorite movies that Pixar has dished out is The Incredibles.

Taking a humorous slant on the life of retired super heroes, The Incredibles managed to perfectly parody the lives of a retired (super) couple, all the while feeling like a 50's comic book. The movie also promoted the importance of family, something we see so rarely in today's media and culture.

News Flash: The much anticipated prequel to the Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Hobbit, has once again been delayed, this time due to a change in the movie's shooting location. According to IGN, a writer's strike originally taking place in the Australia/New Zealand area has now spread to encompass both Europe and the United States. Members of SAG, (the Screen Actor's Guild) were told not to participate in the creation of the movie due to the fact that it was not a union run project. The movement may force Peter Jackson and Warner Brothers to change the location of the movie to Eastern Europe.

On the other hand, here's some hopefully positive news regarding The Hobbit. It is rumored that Martin Freeman of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy fame will be playing Bilbo. Personally, I think there is no one more perfect for the role than Martin. Now that his name has come up, I don't think that I can envision anyone else in the role. Hopefully we'll be able to see him on the big screen sometime in the next, oh I don't know, decade or two.

Some of you may be aware that the recent Marvel movies, i.e. Iron Man 1 and 2, The Incredible Hulk and both the upcoming Thor and Captain America, are all predecessors to an Avengers movie. But what you may not know is that Black Widow, a character first seen in Iron Man 2 and played by Scarlett Johanson will be appearing in her own Marvel movie as a follow-up to The Avengers. I'm not sure how well this will be. But I really don't know enough about the character to go into any more detail. All I know, is that she kicked some serious buttocks in Iron Man 2 and that she works for Samuel Jackson.

Stay tuned as I look back (and forward) on Harry Potter, the novels and movies of a generation!


  1. Gosh, will the Hobbit EVER get made?!?!?! I'm getting so sick of the back and forth with it, geez!

    And Oh. My. Gosh. Iron Man 2 comes out tonight... how could you miss that one?! I did not know about the Black Widow spinoff, but it's about time that we saw a good treatment on a female superhero movie.

  2. Man, you know I actually just saw Iron Man like a week or so ago, the first one and I am stoked about seeing the new one, well new to video. Ok and who is the hottie in the pic above, the new chick in the Iron Man2. She is damn hot. Gotta check her out now, later

  3. Holy Crap that is Scarlette JO. Damn. She looks so good like that. WOW.

    Hey man what did you think of the KILLERS. The wife liked it since Ashton was shirtless for a bit and had the mean face and I thought it had some funny moments?

  4. @Gina-I know. It's taking forever. I distinctly remember Peter Jackson mentioning it even before the release of Return of the King and that was, what, 6 or 7 years ago?

    @Daddy-It took you this long to watch Iron Man? Wow! Well, glad you liked it. I think you'll enjoy the second one just as much, I know I did.

    I still haven't seen the Killers yet, but I've been meaning to.

    Oh, and yes, Scarlett Johanson certainly draws the eye. She's pretty much famous solely for her looks.

  5. The Killers was good- I enjoyed it!

    I'm seriously looking forward to Rock Band 3 as well! My friends are throwing a costume party for it the first weekend in November! I'm super excited. Now I just have to decide which rock star to dress up like?!

  6. @Megan-You should totally dress up as Joan Jett! Or maybe that singer from Lacuna Coil...


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