Friday, March 5, 2010

Heroes: A Brave New World

Did Heroes' last season 'Redeem' itself enough have the show renewed for a fifth season? It's a question on many fans of the tv show's minds. Sure, it's been given a title of Brave New World, but other than that, we literally have no idea of the show's outcome.

Since its second season, Heroes has begun to decline, reaching it's lowest point of viewing during it's third volume, Villains. It has continued to spiral downward during its fourth volume, Fugitives, and its most recent volume, Redemption. To put it simply, Heroes has never returned to it's highest amount of viewing such as it's first season, and season 2 opening of 16.93 million viewers. In fact, its latest finale garnered a meager 4.4 million viewers.

My hopes for Heroes began to diminish since season 3's midpoint, specifically at the point where Hiro's mind was reverted to that of a child's. On top of that, I never really took to Fugitives, in fact I was almost excited to see Nathan go! And while Redemption marginally held up to its title, there was one thing that kept bugging me; the carnies.

I can see that in a world inhabited by super-powered people that it might make sense that the people we classify as 'weird' in the real world, would in fact be gifted with a power, but why make them one of the primary focuses of the season? I just couldn't rap my head around this.

To conclude my little rant, I'd definitely like to see Heroes return for another season, especially after the cliff hanger we saw during the last episode of Redemption, which proved that yes, Heroes can still think out of the box. So, I'm crossing my fingers and holding my breath until we hear news, which I'll be sure to post on Memoirs immediately.
What do you think? Should Heroes return for another season?

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