Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New The Clone Wars Movie? What?!?

Now before you go on a rant about how a 'The Clone Wars' movie shouldn't have been made to begin with, let me explain. This upcoming movie, tentatively titled 'Defenders of the Republic' which is also still rumored by the way, will be made as a start to TCW Season III, and it will stay in it's current medium of television. Yes, that's right, a new TCW made-for-TV movie is in the works. And from the looks of it, it's gonna rock!

Now let me tell you. You're not gonna learn about this on any other site. All the websites that featured this little tidbit of info quickly had it taken down. Apparently Lucasfilm is trying to keep this on the down-low. So huuuuuuush.
The ARC (Advanced Recon Commando) Trooper, a type of clone variant introduced in the original Clone Wars 'micro-series' and subsequent Clone Wars era comics.

Here's the synopsis, or what I remember of it to be more precise.
The story follows a small group of clone troopers, from their origins, to them eventually becoming ARCs. That's all I've got in terms of details, however the promo cover that I briefly saw featured Echo, one of the clones from every one's favorite episode 'Rookies', so it is a possibility that it features him and fellow survivor Fives.
All in all, I think this is very promising. Some of the biggest complaints hurled towards the series is its lack of time to tell stories, so creating an hour and a half to a two hour time slot to tell the story would be spectacular, especially considering the plot and characters involved.
I'm really looking forward to this! The new season will most likely start on the first Friday of October, I'm gonna start counting down the days.


  1. Nice! This sounds pretty awesome and the plot sounds great too! And how did you come across such information?? Very nice find, thanks for telling me!

  2. Ha ha! I have my sources... ;P

    It actually came up as posts on both theforce.net and clubjade.net, both very reliable sources; however Lucasfilm watches both sites carefully just in case posts like this one ever come up.

  3. Yah, it will come out, sometime in 2014, im not giving anything else away but three things, first Order 66, second a new clone trooper,(it was thought of by me yes I might be famous)


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