Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Countdown: My Top 10 Favorite Movie Heroes

Here's a countdown of my top 10 favorite movie heroes of all time!

1. Luke Skywalker: Sure, like his father before him, he managed to whine during A New Hope, but during the events of The Empire Strikes Back and Return Of The Jedi, Luke truly came into his own, becoming a full fledged Jedi Knight, defeating and then saving his father and proving that the Light Side always prevails.

Samwise Gamgee: Sam, Frodo's valiant counterpart throughout the Lord of the Rings Trilgoy, and the only reason Frodo wasn't killed in the first movie. Lets face it, if it wasn't for Sam, Frodo would have died upon the first or second time he stared into the camera.

3. Data: The android Data and his search for humanity became the main focus of the Next Generation film quadrology with him discovering emotions, befriending fellow crew members Geordi and Captain Picard and briefly experiencing a twisted version of love. His endeavors to become more human ultimately led him to his death in Nemesis wherein he sacrificed himself to save Captain Picard.

4. Malcolm Reynolds: The witty Captain of Serenity always seemed bitter about his faction's loss during the galaxy's civil war, and that's why I love him. Through all his bitterness, he always came through with his powerful sense of right and wrong and could be relied upon to deliver a great one-liner.

5. Eli: Along with delivering a powerful Biblical message, The Book of Eli introduced us to none other than, Eli, whose determination, faith and fortitude where not to be trifled with. Eli completed his task given to him by God in the fictional post-apocalyptic world, and certainly drew my attention when he decapitated various road thieves and bandits with his signature knife.

6. Batman: Bruce Wayne is a rare example of a powerless superhero. All he has is his wealth and physique to go by. But anyone who's seen any Batman movie or comic knows that that's all he needs! Batman is by far, the greatest DC character to come about, and truly shines in both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

7. Captain John Miller: Saving Private Ryan was a true dedication to the American soldier, and Tom Hanks couldn't have portrayed his character of the brave, emotional and stalwart Captain Miller in any better way. While the entire movie pulls my heart strings, Miller's death and final words at the end of the film creates a message everyone should take away from the movie.

8. Rorschach: One of six main characters in the ever popular graphic novel Watchmen, Rorscach with his mercilessness towards evildoers, troubled past and pursuit of justice quickly became the fan favorite of Watchmen and continued to draw my attention during the 2008 movie adaption of the classic graphic novel.

9. William Wallis: Braveheart as he is more commonly known by became a symbol for freedom throughout Scotland, and present day culture. Mel Gibson's performance of the character in the 1995 film Braveheart was superb. I promise, the vast amounts of battles and violence didn't sway me!

10. Beowulf: The ancient mythological hero known as Beowulf has been known to literature and the world for hundreds of years. It's only until recently that Beowulf's epic story has fully been told in the form of a film. And while the movie itself may have portrayed him in a less than heroic fashion, his tale is still one of honor and nobility.

Honorable Mentions:

Jake Sully: Sure he WAS a traitor to his own species, but who doesn't want to be blue and nine feet tall?

The Terminator: I've always enjoyed movies that pertain to a robot's/cyborg's search for humanity, hence Data above and I, Robot below. The Terminator franchise created a great variety of these stories through the last three movies, and the television show.

Edmon Dantes: Yes, technically his motives where fueled more by revenge then the need to perform heroic deeds, but I won't have it! He's a hero!

Del Spooner: I, Robot was a memorable movie, and the character of Detective Spooner with his prejudice towards robots created a wonderful realism and plot line.

Do you think I'm missing anyone? Perhaps you agree wholeheartedly. Either way, feel free to comment below. Also, look for my Countdown of My Top 10 Movie Heroins, followed by my countdown of my favorite villains.


  1. Personally, I liked River better than the captain in Serenity. It's always entertaining to watch a little girl kick so many asses.

  2. Ha ha! Yeah, I've already decided to place her in my list of Top 10 Movie Heroins.


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