Friday, April 16, 2010

New Segment: Highlighted Song!

So I'm starting up a new ongoing segment wherein I highlight my favorite movie and TV show soundtracks. Or simply a random song that I see fit to mention. These posts will be intentionally short, but I'll also take the time to put in short news blurbs within each post. Enjoy!

Two Steps From Hell, the creators of a large portion of the music you hear in movie trailers, created such music for the 2009 release of Star Trek. Some of the companies finest epics where created for Star Trek's second and third trailers, with the first one, 'Down With The Enterprise' featured below.

Also, if you're into Horror films, check out Starcostume's countdown of the Top 15 Horror Movie Villains here;

Look for Two Steps From Hell's second score for Star Trek's trailers in the coming future.

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