Thursday, November 11, 2010

Roundup: Again

This video, courtesy of both MTV and my fellow geek blog, TCW Reviews, has brought me to one conclusion, one single irrefutable fact; Savage Oppress is a monster. An extremely cool, over the top, killing machine of a monster. If you do nothing else in the day but watch this clip it will be worth it.WATCH IT!!!

Savage is a Monster:

Okay. So that was pretty cool right? Well here's another video to wet your appetite. Have I been going crazy with the videos lately? Yes. Am I likely to stop anytime in the near future? Probably not... no.

Kung Fu Panda 2 Trailer:

Lastly, coinciding with the release of the Serenity graphic novel The Shepherd's Tale, comes a free online web comic called Downtime. While it is short, it's a great tale with a very authentic Firefly feel to it. Check it out here.

Alright, that's it. Again. I fully intend to create a full length post in the near future, most likely a Quick Movie Review of all of the following; The Town, The Last Airbender, The Karate Kid and Toy Story 3. I know that I've promised this before, but I assure you, I'm working on it. So stay tuned!


  1. That is a wicked video clip!

    Why are they doing screenings if the episode is going to air in January? That doesn't make sense to me.

  2. I was just sitting down with a cup of coffee, and omg, he rolled right over that jedi. Savage is beyond monster.

  3. Haha 5 minutes after our last son was born my husband had him watching star wars..i had nothing to do with lying. I am looking forward to your review of The Last Airbender. We loved the books/cartoon but heard the movie was crap so we never watched it. Here from follow friday!

  4. For some reason I couldn't watch the first said it wasn't available in my region (It's because I'm CANADIAN, isn't it?!) But now reading the comments above I feel really ripped off! :(

    Kung Fu Panda looks pretty funny...I haven't seen the first one yet, but perhaps it should go on my son's xmas list...

  5. what cave am I in that I didn't know there was Kung Fu Panda2 coming out? Savage kicks some serious ass!

  6. That is one talented panda. Every single time I watch it he out-stares me! XD

  7. That first clip was awesome... but due to the ages of my kids I'm forced to be more in the Kung Fu Panda set these days... My daughter is still staring at the screen.

  8. Can't wait for Kung Fun Panda! Visiting for
    Hump Day.

  9. @Jen- I guess it's for those of us who can't wait the extra week or two to watch it on the small screen. Heck, if they had a screening near me, I'd go. :P

    @Nerd Herd Mama-I'll probably be doing the same thing you and your husband did. :) I was also a big fan of The Last Airbender. It really was a fantastic show.

    @KD-I'd highly recommend the first Kung Fu Panda. It was funny, charming and I'm sure the youngsters would enjoy it.


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